Eco Ethos

The way of today is all about taking care of ourselves and our planet. Although not a fit for everyone, green cleaning is a service option provided by Eco-Clean as an affordable option to your cleaning service. There are many reasons to consider a green cleaning option. From helping the Earth to creating a healthy living environment, there are wonderful advantages for going green for your clean!

It Helps Mother Earth

Going green helps lesson air pollution and toxins in our water. It helps reduce the effects of our ozone depletion and even promotes recycling. With so many green products packaged in recyclable containers, it’s an added bonus to use these products to help save the Earth in several ways.

It’s Healthier for Your Home and Those Who Live In It

Using green and natural cleaning products improves the air quality in the home. Some of the toxins found in traditional cleaning products has been proven to cause eye, respiratory and skin irritations. Research has also shown some can also cause headaches, allergies and even some reproductive issues.

It’s Fun Learning How to Clean Green

So many products we use every day for other uses such as vinegar, lemons and baking soda can do amazing things in our homes when used as ingredients to sanitize and freshen our home. Eco-clean wants to teach you some of the everyday tips we know to keep your home safe, clean, and healthy in between our visits. Visit our blog or our Instagram   page for all of our helpful hints and tips for a cleaner, more functional home.

Our eco-cleaning services are available in Irvine, Tustin, Newport Beach, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Orange, Yorba Linda, Corona, Ladera Ranch, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Anaheim, Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Long Beach, Seal Beach, Laguna Beach and surrounding areas.