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Mar, 2017

Your Smelly Towel Needs a Make-over  

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Ahh, a newly cleaned, washed towel. You wash it, dry it, hang it up to use the next day, step out of the shower, put it to your face…..and gag. Mildew. Why can I not get this disgusting smell out of my towels? It’s not easy, but with some basic items probably already in your home, possible.

Take these unruly towels of yours and put them in the washer. Use the hottest setting on your machine and wash with one cup of white vinegar (do not add bleach or detergent). Once the cycle is complete run again but this time with either your regular detergent or baking soda only. In the event the smell is still present, run the cycle once again on hot but this time only with baking soda (1/2 cup).

Once you feel the scent is gone from these cycles, place in the dryer on high heat with your favorite scented fabric softner. This system can be used for smelly clothes, socks, and other washable items. Use the same formula as you did for the towels, once again running the washing machine on the hottest setting possible.

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