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Feb, 2017

When Red Wine Spills On Your White Carpet

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Have you ever had that get together where you think, “We have the cocktails ready, food, beer, white wine, red wine……..oh wait…..maybe not the RED”.

And why would you blackball your all-time favorite red wine contenders? It’s always because as much as you love your friends, you just don’t trust them. Trust them to not have too good of a time (because your soirees are always a slam dunk), and spill all that delicious red wine on your white rug.

Well friends pour on. Bring out that Frog’s Leap, Stag’s Leap and even 2 Buck-Chuck if you please. I have a solution. If you find some of your favorite wine finding a new home on your favorite rug the next day here is your simple solution from Eco-Clean:

Stain removal by Iron

  1. Grab an iron with steam function and heat up on steam mode
  2. Place a clean, dry towel directly above the stain on the carpet
  3. Firmly place the iron with steam onto the towel above the stain
  4. Pump the steam and release, check the stain, and repeat 3-4 times.

Most stains including red wine, ink and other difficult stains will soak up with the steam directly into the towel.

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