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Feb, 2017

Grapefruit: It’s Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

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One of the best things about learning how to clean green are all the wonderful things we learn every day plants, oils, and other natural items – and how to use them to our advantage to clean or aid the health of our home.

Growing up on a farm I have always known about these little cleaning hacks and tricks that seemed commonplace to me, but were like a newsflash to those I worked for throughout the years. One of them is how to clean off soap scum with two basic items from your kitchen. And no, they aren’t found in the cleaning section of the store with all the other chemicals.

Cleansing your life of all that Scum:

  1. Start with one grapefruit (or more for big jobs), squeeze into small bowl
  2. Take equal amounts of course salt and mix into the bowl
  3. Grab a sponge (use rough side for harder jobs) and watch the scum lift away
  4. Rise off with water

And the best part is – it leaves a nice, clean (non-toxic) smell in your bathroom!

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